Land Division Information Sheet

Subdividing land is a complex process that requires professionals to assist you with your investment to achieve the desired result. In recent years the explosion of land division applications across the state has meant that Councils and other agencies are tightening the requirements for developments.

Convoluted Council conditions, varying from one Council to the next are making the land division process more complicated. A closer working relationship needs to be implemented between you, the builder and Zaina Stacey Development Consultants.

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  • Q What does a land division cost? +-
  • Q Who uses our services? +-
  • Q What will Zaina Stacey do for you in relation to the your land division? +-
  • Q What type of division should I do, Torrens title or Community title? +-
  • Q Will Zaina Stacey assist with Council, SA Water and the Development Assessment Commission? +-
  • Q What is Open Space payment and do I have to pay it? +-
  • Q What does Easement mean? +-
  • Q What is a semi-detached dwelling? +-
  • Q Can we assist the building company? +-